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Tsymmetry Supports OEW at National Police Week Events

Published on: June 3, 2019

In honor of National Police Week, Tsymmetry had the great pleasure and honor of supporting Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) at several of their recent events.

Over the three-day observance, Tsymmetry employees helped OEW raise awareness about their mission at their Tent City booth as well as on their 158-mile continuous Police Week Memorial Walk honoring each of the fallen Law Enforcement Officials from 2018. While tracing a 5-mile route around the National Mall, many OEW members wore their service uniforms and gasmasks, not only to raise awareness of the cause but also to experience minor hardship in solidarity with the wounded adaptive athletes walking alongside them.

Chris Thorp, OEW’s Co-Program Manager and the organizer of the Memorial Walk, said this about the fallen LEOs whom the walk commemorated:

“We owe them all a debt we can never fully repay… These Men and Women are the reasons we may live our lives as we do. We walked to thank each and every one of them who made an oath to protect us.”


Several Tsymmetry employees and OEW members also participated in a Spartan Race at Nationals Park, where they overcame obstacles together and relied on teamwork to make it to the finish line.

“I felt extremely grateful and honored to attend the Spartan Race with the OEW crew. Although Spartan Races are meant to test one’s fitness level, this particular race proved to be much more than that. Witnessing true commitment, dedication and the belief that “you never leave a man behind” impacted me much more than I imagined it would. We are blessed as a country to have men and women fight for the rights we exercise every single day. Modern day heroes for sure.”

– Mitchell Crespo, Talent Acquisition Manager at Tsymmetry

We would like to sincerely thank OEW for including us in these powerful moments and we look forward to giving our ongoing support.

Stay tuned for details regarding our next partnered events with OEW! In the meantime, please check out Tsymmetry’s fundraising page in support of OEW and share our fundraising goal with friends and family on social media:

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