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The Department of State Arms Control and International Security Bureau, known as T Bureau, “leads the interagency policy process on nonproliferation and manages global U.S. security policy,” according to the Department’s official mandate as defined on its website. Within T Bureau, International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN) focuses specifically on “overseeing the negotiation, implementation, and verification of international agreements in arms control and international security. Other specific responsibilities include directing and coordinating export control policies and policies to prevent missile, nuclear, chemical, biological, and conventional weapons proliferation.”

In support of ISN’s mandate, Tsymmetry was engaged to conduct a strategic assessment to evaluate the overall service effectiveness that the ISN Executive Office (ISN/EX) provides to its T Bureau personnel across the globe. Reporting directly to the Executive Director, Tsymmetry evaluated the services of all major business functions provided by EX including Human Resources, Resource Management, General Services, and Technology Division.

The assessment’s goal was to identify opportunities to optimize service delivery, drive efficiency and effectiveness improvements, and enhance information sharing across T Bureau as part of an ongoing initiative “to drive EX toward a ‘To Be’ model that we and our customers both envision—an informed EX of the future,” according to the Director of the Office of Executive Director within the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation. “This exercise is about synergy—how we can do things better together,” the Director says, “and make everyone’s work lives better and easier.”

The improvement opportunities that emerged from Tsymmetry’s findings centered on two central Business Transformation themes that would enable ISN/EX to be more customer service centric: Organizational Enhancement and Self-Service. Leveraging a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package, Tsymmetry demonstrated how ISN/EX could significantly improve customer support through an enhanced customer self-service platform.

“The ISN/EX initiative demonstrates the full breadth of Tsymmetry’s business transformation capabilities—from strategic planning and visioning to the innovative application of technology to address critical business challenges,” explains Alison O’Mara, Tsymmetry’s COO, who provided Executive Oversight of the assessment and follow-on implementation activities.

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