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Customer Self Service

Department of State

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  • Customer Self Service (CSS)

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Support Service Effectiveness

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Business Process Design

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Customer Self-Service Portal

Key Public Sector ROI

Increased Productivity

The Department of State Arms Control and International Security Bureau, known as T Bureau, “leads the interagency policy process on nonproliferation and manages global U.S. security policy,” according to the Department’s official mandate as defined on its website. Within T Bureau, International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN) focuses specifically on “overseeing the negotiation, implementation, and verification of international agreements in arms control and international security. Other specific responsibilities include directing and coordinating export control policies and policies to prevent missile, nuclear, chemical, biological, and conventional weapons proliferation.”

This Business Process Design and Organizational Change story centers on the objectives set by the Executive Office (EX) of ISN to deliver world-class support services to its customers (ISN management and staff stationed around the globe). Whether it’s to procure new devices, add or change network services, or seek help with technology functions that range from electronic document signing to business application training, ISN’s Service Desk offers a central point of contact. Service Desk delivers an essential function to the overall mission of T Bureau.

“Our mission is to help the Executive Office’s Service Desk offer its customers the next step in the evolution of doing business,” explains Dan Schulte, Tsymmetry’s Program Manager for Customer Self-Service.

Tsymmetry has enhanced the business process model and recommended select organizational changes that will increase visibility into the service request lifecycle, improving standardization of service request responses, and establishing appropriate metrics to measure support services performance. We quickly identified an opportunity to implement a Customer Self Service portal that will allow customers to enter service requests and track progress from initial request to resolution. What’s more, EX staff will have access to real-time reporting that highlights priority requests and bottlenecks, and offers proactive customer notification.

“We are laser-focused on customer satisfaction,” says a Director at the U.S. Department of State, who oversees the project.

The CSS dashboard will provide transparency into the service request lifecycle not only for its customers, but also for management and staff, who can make business decisions with a more complete, accurate, and real-time view of service request status.

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