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Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) is responsible for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), an Internet-based application that facilitates the timely electronic reporting and monitoring of all nonimmigrant students, and exchange visitors and their dependents while they reside in the United States.  F, M and J visas are issued to these nonimmigrants visiting the United States for a specific reason and specific period of time.

The SEVP Response Center (SRC) is the interface between SEVIS and its various stakeholders. Since May 2017, Tsymmetry has provided all aspects of SRC Level II application services.  This involves fielding the most difficult inquiries and problems, which require research and data analysis across multiple federal systems, such as those maintained by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). Resolution involves discovering and correcting student data, plus direct interaction with college and university officials.  Our objective is to maintain the data integrity of the SEVIS database, as the data is shared with various federal agencies for law enforcement purposes.

Since Tsymmetry assumed responsibility for Level II services, resolution response time has been reduced by as much as 70 percent, from 30 days in some cases to less than 10 days and, in urgent situations, to just hours. By implementing extensive quality control measures such as score cards, process adherence checklists, overhead monitors that call out crucial information and exceptional performers, customer call-back scripts, customer satisfaction surveys, and more, Tsymmetry has elevated the quality of service provided by Homeland Security to its stakeholders. The evidence speaks for itself:

“I was incredibly impressed with how quickly the issue was resolved and corrected. I was very stressed about the issue that occurred and they eased my nerves and assured me it would be resolved. Thank you!” – Greater Atlanta Christian School

“I want to say that the SEVP team that helped with this situation ROCKED!  They were understanding, didn’t raise my already high anxiety level about the situation, and worked quickly.  If I could send a box of chocolates I would!” – Berklee College of Music

“I was impressed over how fast my challenge was resolved.” – Fordham University

Beyond its operational role, Tsymmetry’s team, which is headquartered in Arlington, VA with remote staff in two other domestic locations, works closely with SEVP’s Systems Management Unit to continuously improve and enhance the information systems and data stores supporting SEVP. In addition to supporting the roll out of a student portal, Tsymmetry develops user and business process requirements, and designs complex scripts to correct data inconsistencies between disparate systems.

“We take pride in knowing that what we do helps students and visitors to the United States remain in status and make the most of their stay,” says Celeste Clark, Tsymmetry’s Response Center Program Manager.

Evelyn Evans, Tsymmetry’s Operations Manager agrees. She attributes the success of her team not only to their commitment and dedication, but also to the fact that Tsymmetry leadership is “always there, just a text away.” What she appreciates most about her team is that “They care about the work they do.”

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