CEO Communication: Q1 in Review

Published on: April 22, 2019


I am energized by the Firm’s quick start in 2019 and wanted to provide a brief update on first quarter progress/accomplishments. Our HQ reorganization has involved a significant functional evolution which included internalization of our talent acquisition function, restructuring of HR and significant investment in the Enterprise Growth team. Additionally, we are working to optimize our HQ model by ensuring people are in the right roles, with the right training and support, and have a clear path for advancement as the company continues to grow. We have acquired additional resources to fill key positions, all designed to allow Tsymmetry to maintain strong service levels to our client base.

Although the HQ initiative has generated a lot of press, several other notable outcomes were achieved during Q1. Our Client Portfolio continues to perform well, having generated another year of Exceptional CPARs at our largest State program, achieved the Q1 revenue budget, and brought on a number of new IT projects at our DoS programs.

I like the progress we’re making relative to our workforce. First, in recognition of the importance of workplace diversity, we kicked off the High Performing Women’s Initiative (details will be on the website soon), assigned training and social event budgets to our programs to promote independence in evaluating staff development needs and organizing program-centric events, have begun reaching out to local universities and participating in career fairs to identify and attract top talent to the company, and made a number of internal promotions and issued several staff recognition awards highlighting both the contribution and potential of our high performers.

Finally, we have illustrated our commitment to Growth through our significant investments in Enterprise Growth. We have worked diligently and creatively to position ourselves for several strategic bid opportunities anticipated for later in the year, and developed robust strategies to expand our footprint into both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and elements of the Department of Treasury. We are considering additional investments in select technology assets/capabilities that will enhance our competitiveness in key DHS components.

We are pleased that all of you are actively participating in this journey and that, as part of our corporate family, you work tirelessly to deliver tangible value to Tsymmetry and our clients’ missions. Like any growing organization intent on further raising the bar, we have our set of challenges but, together, will embrace them as opportunities and leverage a strong team and track record to push through them.

Please reach out to your supervisor, appropriate HQ representative, or me directly should you have questions or wish to pass along suggestions/feedback. I will provide another update on our progress at the end of the second quarter.


Todd Sickles, Chief Executive Officer

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