AFCEA NOVA Cyber Event

Federal Sector Combats Invaders Through Cyber Security

Published on: January 31, 2017

Tsymmetry was recently invited to participate in the AFCEA NOVA Cyber Breakfast. The event, hosted by the Small Business Community, featured two key leaders of the Cyber community: Dr. Ron Ross, known for his work with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Linus Baker, principal Cybersecurity Policy advisor to the CIO at the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  The focus of the meeting was a discussion on Cyber opportunities and challenges facing the Public & Private sectors in the coming year.

Dr. Ross’ discussion highlighted the state of the cyber field, specifically focusing on cyber threats and three levels of cyber security vulnerabilities. His message was that along with the federal government, the Private Sector will also experience the dangers and realities of cyber vulnerabilities in the near-term. This trend will require commercial companies to apply the same standards as the government to defend their assets and technologies, and may present interesting opportunities for both sectors.

As special advisor to DLA CIO, Linus Baker elaborated on the Department of Defense’s approach towards defending its cyber assets. Out of 196 official countries, over 60% are capable of either causing or experiencing cyber threats.  In his presentation, Mr. Baker described the nine separate supply chains dedicated towards fending off cyber threats and maintaining the Department’s assets.  With the majority of global actors able and engaging in cyber defense, security, and warfare, there is a clear need for the US to strengthen its cyber security functions to ward off attacks and protect national interest.

With threats looming in the digital sphere, federal agencies are expanding their Cyber Security footprint to combat phishing, social media hacks, and other security threats. To learn more about Tsymmetry and our work in Cyber Security, follow @Tsymmetry on Twitter and Tsymmetry on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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